Universal Backend Admin MySQL Management Interface

Application designers, why build a unique backend admin interface for every app?

Universal Backend Admin Interface
can be applied to any App. which uses MySQL!

Save Time and Money!

Why build a unique backend management admin interface for each and every application you develop? Using Backend's universal admin interface saves you time and money! This feature rich backend interface has all the necassary features like phpMyAdmin but it's quick, user friendly and without all those scary DROP TABLE functions. It can be applied to any web application and customized in just a few minutes.

Features Include:

  • place on any MySQL application
  • customize seperate admin / user functions
  • automatically reads tables layout and structure
  • all necasssary functions to manage your data
  • strong and safe security features
  • easily backup data
  • great navigation, search, & add data functions

€49.95 Per Annum

5 application user liscense €99 Per Annum